Akzidenz investigates and plays with veracity by altering perception, by creating a new dimension where time and space fuse together generating a new reality through the reinterpretation of the physical. Less interested in the representational qualities of the photograph he focuses on the exploration of the fringes of each terrain.

This attention stems from the will to not use photography as a traditional means of representation but to create a platform for discourse and thought; in order to achieve this dais he tries to invent his own visual language, using multi-exposures, superposition, and juxtaposition to interpret and redefine the manufactured experiences.

Purposefully choosing the 20th century medium of film enables him to see, and therefore place the present into perspective. The choice of black & white and the disremembered feel of grain translate into the signifiers that depict and foster the equivalence of life and shape. It is through the breaking and reassembling of the grid that the images become vessels to a foreign land where past and present seamlessly merge together proving the reality and fleetingness of time at once.


Represented by:

Galleri Tryffelgrisen, Stockholm
Blok Art Space, Istanbul